Do smart phones have effects on us? Are they good or bad?

“Smartphones in Class: Learning Tool or Distraction?” The Cengage Learning Blog. N.p., 09 Nov. 2014. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

The article “Smartphones in Class: Learning Tool or Distraction?” basically shows its readers the statistics of smartphones in general in the class room. It explains to us that a student can be totally succumbed to their phone, or using it as a resource. As we all know, smart phones can be used to do almost everything, search the web, write essays, turn in homework and so much more. The article provides very useful statistics showing the percentage of students and instructors opinions on smartphones in the classroom. The Cengage Learning’s “Instructor and student insights survey of 2014” discuss that 77% of students say they bring their phone to class while instructors say 92% bring them. Only 23% of students find them distracting where as 46% of instructors find them distracting. 56% of students in the survey would enjoy using them as a learning tool and 42% of instructors claim they have tried using them as a learning tool. This article also touches on the potential of smart phones in class, and ways for them to be used: resource, scavenger hunts, and problem solving.

After reading this article I believe it has great potential and should be heard. I chose this article to include in my research for a reason, the statistical evidence. Compared to the other sources in my project this may be the only one, or one of the few that actually provide statistics. I believe the goal of this source is to encourage experimentation with smart phones as a learning device in the classroom.

The article does actually answer my questions, they do and have the potential to be either. This source could actually be a big influence in my project, for the good effects. Students are willing to use their phones for learning instead of just games. Having a portable computer in your pocket during class is a blessing and a curse.


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